Accessing Past Election Results

To access results of previous elections within San Diego County, go to this page on the Registrar of Voters website. Elections are listed in reverse chronological order.

Under the “Results” column, the files with a name format of “201606bull.pdf” are summaries of each election in a PDF format similar to the one posted on election night, with the total votes and percentages received by each candidate in each contest.

Under the “Canvas” column, the files with “cv” in their names contain detailed results by precinct and political district. There is a PDF version for each as well as a TXT version that can be opened and edited in Excel. Note that the precincts referred to are consolidated precincts, not the home precincts used for most campaign purposes. Each consolidated precinct will incorporate one or more home precincts, and consolidations can change somewhat for each election.

For most elections, there is also a Voted-Nonvoted report with “vnv” in the file name. Those break out the number of voters who voted (by mail vs. at the polls) and did not vote by Party, at the home and consolidated precinct level as well as the political district level. These reports do not include candidate-specific results.